Big expectations, big outcomes

The neatest thing about God is that the work He is doing in me is not happening in just me. And even better, the work never stops.

I’m learning that when you get comfy and complacent is when God swoops in and says “Alright, time for a change!” It’s a beautiful devastation when that happens. Everything you thought to be true and everything you have known is shaken and different. It’s easy to get mad at God and not understand but what’s beautiful is that it’s never done in vain and it’s never done without a purpose.

I’m in this place of complacency and God has definitely reminded me of it. When I came into college, my end goal was to graduate and move to LA. I had no concerns about Florida or Orlando and knew this place was temporary.

God began working on my heart and soon the desire began to fade. I knew I wanted to join staff with Cru and be apart of Jesus film. I spent the summer finishing school and trying to raise support. The passion I had for people that did not know the same God I did and needed a way to know him burned inside my heart. I also knew I still had a passion for film. Boom. Perfect. Or so I thought. I didn’t get my support raised that summer and had to come to terms with that. Another devastating setback.

I started working at Apple and thought I’ve made it. I know that I have the dream job and I’m working with great people that have the same passion for the same piece of technology. I got full time at this wonderful place and soon after realized that I still haven’t hit the nail on the head of where God wants me.

Talking with a good friend today made me realize that God is always going to shake things up. I need to get use to that! What’s incredible about serving the God I serve is that He is the same God of the bible and the same God today. The same God I serve is the God that Paul and the disciples served. The same God that raised people from the dead is the same God I serve and can still do that if He wants. The people in my community that I admire and I thought I could never be on their spiritual level is still in fact the same God I serve. That God dwells in me and is constantly creating a new me. Just when I get comfy, Boom. God is changing it up.

I need to begin to expect big things from God and remind myself daily of what He has already done and what He will continue to do. I want to be apart of that. I want to see miracles. I want to see the world changed. I want to surrender everything I have even when it seems impossible. I want to follow the passions God has instilled in me and live to who He says I am, my rightful identity.

It’s time to step up to the plate and surrender.



It seems that the tagline of 2013 has been affectionately named “Our Year.” I know countless of people that have said its their year for many reasons: relationships, careers, adventures.

I think the thing we miss is that if we are not careful, we may look too far ahead instead of seizing the moments we have now. For some reason our generation has become obsessed with planning and obsessed with predicting our future. I am just as guilty as the next person. Especially living life in my mid-20s, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the rat race of what I should be doing now.

This year I am committing to slowing down, and enjoying the beauty God has placed in front of me. Cherishing conversations instead of thinking of my next word. Commit to listening so I can hear people’s hearts and learn what to do to properly serve them and love them.

I want to live my life with the mindset of love does. Allow myself to live life interrupted to be able to experience God in a way I’ve never known before.

In 2013 I want to commit to myself and God that I will focus on discovering my true identity in Christ. For me this means rediscovering my passions and desires and moving toward those in a God honoring way. I don’t want to succumb to other idea that I need to find a relationship in order to find value and meaning. I want to embrace my friendships and know people well. Know how to pray for them and intercede on their behalf.

I want to know patience and to experience the beauty of waiting on God’s timing instead of forging my own paths. There is so much to experience, see, and do. I believe God has crafted me for incredible things, and I want Him to shape me daily to accomplish what He has set forth for me.

This is “Our Year.” So let’s enjoy it.